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Please read our Privacy Policy to be assured we keep your data secure and confidential.
Registered beneficiaries have two options to securely login and access their account:

DoD Self-Service Logon (DS Logon)(Recommended)

DMDC Login with your DS logon user name and password that give you access to multiple Department of Defense (DoD) websites and affiliated TRICARE websites, including

Click here to login using your existing DS logon user name and password. You will automatically login after your DS logon user name and password are authenticated. A DS Logon (Level 2) account is required.

Click here to download useful DS Logon FAQs and learn more about how to obtain a DMDC Logon. Login

DMDC Login with your existing user name and password.

Login with a user name and password

International SOS and the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Claims Processor are excited to announce the improved secure beneficiary claims portal is now live! With feedback from beneficiaries like you, the improved secure claims portal website will make it easier and faster to access the TOP claims information you want and need.

Important Note Regarding Your Password:
If you are entering a temporary password, please do not copy and paste it from the system-generated email message. The temporary password must be manually entered upon log-in.

Please note that the portal works best on the Internet Explorer (IE) 11 or Google Chrome Web browsers. If you have an earlier version of IE, try a different browser.

Effective November 20, 2014, users of Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or below will be unable to access the secure claims portal. Due to technology advances and security issues, we recommend that you upgrade to a new browser (see list below), which will allow you to continue using this website without interruption.

Recommended browsers:
• Internet Explorer: Version 8.0 or newer
• Mozilla Firefox: Version 3.0 or newer
• Google Chrome: Version 36 or newer
• Opera: Version 25 or newer
• Safari: Version 5 or newer