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A grievance is a written complaint or concern about a non-appealable issue regarding a perceived failure by any member of the health care delivery team. Any TRICARE civilian or military provider, TRICARE beneficiary, sponsor, parent or guardian or other representative of an eligible beneficiary may file a grievance.

International SOS as the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Contractor is responsible for investigating and resolving all grievances. Grievances are generally resolved within 60 days of receipt. Following resolution, International SOS will notify the party submitting the grievance that the review is complete.

Grievances may include such issues as:
  • The quality of health care or services (e.g., accessibility, appropriateness, level of care, continuity, timeliness of care)
  • The demeanor or behavior of providers and their staffs
  • The performance of any part of the health care delivery system
  • Practices related to patient safety
To file a grievance by email, click here.

The following information is required for International SOS to investigate and work toward resolving your emailed grievance:
  • Contact Information:
    • Beneficiary’s name, address, and telephone number
    • Individual or institutional provider contact details
  • Beneficiary’s date of birth
  • A description of the issue or concern must include:
    • Date and time of the event
    • Name of the provider(s) and/or person(s) involved
    • Location of the event (address)
    • The nature of the concern or complaint
    • Details describing the event or issue
Note: If you are not the involved beneficiary and the beneficiary is age 18 or older, the adult beneficiary must complete the ‘Authorization to Disclose’ form below, so that International SOS can respond directly to you. If we do not receive an ‘Authorization to Disclose’ form, then International SOS will respond directly to the adult beneficiary.

  Authorization to Disclose

Grievances can also be mailed to International SOS at the following address, using the attached PDF form:

   Grievance Form

         International SOS Government Services, Inc.
         Reconsideration/Grievances Department
         P.O. Box 11570
         Philadelphia, PA 19116 USA

To learn more about grievances, including what to submit and what can be appealed, visit

If you have any questions about the grievance process, please contact your TOP Regional Call Center and press Option #4 to reach the Global TRICARE Service Center or send an email to the TOP Quality Assurance team at: